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Managing Software Development

Where you learn software development life cycles and project management

Large-scale software development demands the ability to manage human and computational resources. This course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to lead a project team, understand the relationship of software development to overall product engineering, estimate construction time and costs, and understand the software process. Topics include life-cycle models, requirements elicitation, configuration control, and quality assurance.

After completing this course, students will be equipped to:
› Write a software project management plan addressing issues of risk analysis, schedule, costs, team organization, resources and technical approach
› Define a variety of software development life cycle models and explain the strengths, weaknesses and applicability of each
› Understand issues surrounding requirements management, risk management, testing and quality assurance, project estimation, and planning
› Understand the importance of managing expectations and technical people



“... disasters are often blamed on bad software, but the cause is rarely bad programming. As systems grow more complicated, failures instead have far less technical explanations: bad management, communication or training.”



Matthew Fordahl,

Associated Press