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Methods: Deciding What to Design

Where you learn how to gather requirements and manage customer expectations


Practical software development requires an understanding of various methods for bridging the gap between the problem to be solved and a working software system. In this course, students study a variety of ways to understand a problem, factors that constrain the possible solutions and approaches to deciding among alternatives.

After completing this course, students will be equipped to:
› Identify different classes of problems and their structures
› Gather and analyze functional and non-functional requirements
› Analyze technical, organizational, usability, business and marketing constraints
› Apply engineering approaches to frame solutions
› Prioritize and negotiate project scope
› Manage customer expectations



"To arrive at the perfect user interface, one needs genius, a stroke of inspiration, and plain old luck. However, even the most gifted designers do not ignore systematic usability engineering methods."


Jakob Nielsen on 'Usability Engineering'