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Where you extend your technical knowledge

Electives are courses that students freely choose according to their interest in a particular area of knowledge. Electives can be taken from any graduate program at CMU, and from a selected number of graduate courses are the UC.

These electives listed bellow have been taken by MSE students in the past. This is not an all-inclusive list, just an example of the types of courses available.

› Risk Management for Software Intensive Projects
› Managing Technical People
› Software Measurement
› Software Process Definition
› Engineering of Internet Applications
› Distributed Systems
› Programming Parallel Algorithms
› Advanced Computer Graphics
› Advanced Topics in AI: Speech Recognition by Machine
› COTS-Based Systems: Developing Systems Using Commercial Products


In addition, students can choose an Independent Study option in a specific subject area.  A detailed proposal for independent study, outlining the student's project and deliverable particulars, must be completed and signed by the instructor supervising the project.