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Communication for Software Engineers

Where you learn to write and present in an effective way

Communication for Software Engineers is a two-part course offered in the Fall semester andcontinuing in the Spring semester. It is designed for MSE and MSIT-SE students who are currently enrolled in the program.

Effective written and oral communication skills are essential to the student's academic successas well as in their progessional career.  Communication for Software Engineers is a seminar designed for graduate students in software engineering (MSE and MSIT programs). A communication expert will introduce principles and approaches for writing and speaking effectively. Students will focus primarily on documents in their core courses and the MSE studio. They will also have additional opportunities to practice writing, speaking, and listening skills. Peer reviews and critiques are an integral part of the seminar.


After completing this course, students will:
› understand the principles of effective document writing
› master techniques of persuasive oral delivery
› possess the ability to critically assess written and verbal presentation.