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How to Apply


Application Deadline:

4th March 2011



Applications will be accepted online only, at the following link, no later than March 4, 2011. Only complete applications will be considered.

Note: you can start your application earlier, safely, completing the form with the information you already have. The application will only be considered when you formally submit it.


Online you will have to complete the whole form with the necessary information. In particular you will have to fill the information stated below.


Prepare a statement of purpose. Write a concise statement, no longer than two pages in length, containing the following information:

Part 1: Your objective in pursuing a Master of Software Engineering degree and your reasons for choosing to apply to the joint masters between Carnegie Mellon and the University of Coimbra.

Part 2: Your background in software development and other fields relevant to your objective. Describe how your industrial or commercial experience prepares you for admission to the program. Verify that your description here is consistent with your resume. Option: Outline the parts of the software life cycle with which you have experience or exposure.

Part 3: Any additional details you wish to give the Admissions Committee.


Describe the most interesting projects on which you have worked; limit your description to no more than three projects. Our preference is for industrial projects, but others, such as co-op experiences or class projects are acceptable (e.g., if you are applying to the MSIT-SE program). Detail the:
› Size of the software system
› Size of the software for which you are/were personally responsible
› Duration of the project
› Your involvement/work with the products
› Kind of system, e.g. MIS, DBMS, embedded
› Interesting features of this system, such as safety-critical, distributed over three continents, etc.
› How these features affected development
› Was this/is this a team effort? If so,
› Number of people on the team
› Number of users outside the development group
› Your role in the effort
› Methods of software development used; e.g. object-oriented analysis/ design, rapid prototyping, structured methods
› Operating systems and languages used
› Briefly describe the software development activities in which you were involved, such as project leadership, requirements analysis and specification, requirements review, architecture, design, code, unit testing, integration testing, system testing, installation, maintenance, quality assurance, verification, validation, configuration management, etc.
› Aspect of the project you found most/least rewarding


Provide a complete and current resume. Order the relevant work experiences chronologically, with the most recent first. Clearly distinguish part-time, co-op or intern work from full-time positions.


Transcripts of education from all undergraduate and graduate institutions must be requested and forwarded directly to the MSE program. Applications will not be considered complete without official transcripts or authenticated copies.

NOTE: Official Transcripts must include ALL detailed courses and grades taken during the degree, as well as overall GPA (Graduate Point Average)

If the transcript is not in English attach also a translation of the courses list.


Request three letters of recommendation. If possible, one recommendation should be from an instructor and at least one must be from a professional supervisor. People who recommend you should know you relatively well and be able to discuss the quality of your work. Three forms are provided in the application form; one for academic recommendations and two for industrial recommendations.

In case you are applying for the MSIT-SE program, it is acceptable that only academic recommendation letters are presented. Even so, they should be from instructors which know your work well. Recommendations for professors for which you have done practical work or research are highly recommended.





0013- Universidade de Coimbra

2074- Carnegie Mellon



1132- Universidade de Coimbra

4256- Carnegie Mellon





MSE applicants come from all over the world, from Europe to Latin America, Brazil and India.