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Costs and Tuition


Key facts: For accepted candidates, our industrial  partners are willing to FULLY-FUND MSE students, covering both tuition and living costs (US+Portugal). These companies hire graduates at relevant positions within the organizations.


The tuition value is the same as at CMU. Due to corporate support and the Portuguese government support the programs on Software Engineering are highly subsidized. The tuition fee for the MSE (16-month program) is €10.000. For the MSIT-SE (12-month program) the tuition is 7.500€ (2.500 per semester). This includes the resources and training associated to the Software Development Studio/Project Practicum.

For interested students, we currently have a corporate sponsored program where the tuition can be fully paid by a company that will in addition provide a monthly living allowance. At the end of the program, students can be integrated within those companies. Note that these scholarships are limited and subject to agreement with a sponsoring company.

Living Expenses (Coimbra)
Coimbra is a fairly inexpensive city to live in. Prospective candidates should consider a monthly cost of €600 as typical minimum living expenses.

Living Expenses (Pittsburgh)
Students enrolled in the program will spend one semester in Pittsburgh, USA.  Candidates should consider a minimum monthly cost of US$1250 for living expenses.