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Can recent graduates and undergraduates apply for the MSE?
This is a Professional Masters. Therefore, it requires at least two years of industrial experience.

My proficiency in English is average. Will it be enough to attend the MSE or MSIT-SE?
The language used in classes, both by American and Portuguese professors, will be exclusively English. All teaching material will be provided in this language. For that reason, a strong knowledge of the English language is required. All applicants must present their TOEFL or equivalent test results (e.g. CAE or CPE).

Is there any scholarship that I can apply to so that I can dedicate exclusively
to this Masters?

For a limited time, for all studens entering the MSE program, the Portuguese government will cover €36,000 of the €46,000 total per student tuition cost. (The original training in the US costs USD $60,000.) The remaining €10,000 will have to be secured by the student. Bear in mind that there is a set of companies who are involved in the Portugal|CMU agreement. These companies will allow their employees to attend this degree and may support them financially.The MSE program also has industrial affiliates who may support students.

What are the costs of this degree?
The total tuition to be secured by the student is €10,000 (MSE) and €7,500 (MSIT-SE). You should also consider the living expenses during the semester spent at Carnegie Mellon University, in the US (minimum indicative cost: USD$1250/month), and the cost of living in Coimbra (minimum indicative cost: €455/month). Also note that the flight to the US costs around €900 and the VISA about €165. All students are expected to own a laptop.

What is the duration of the degrees?
The MSE has a total duration of 16 months (about 1 1/2 years). It starts at the end of August of one year and ends in December of the following year. The MSIT-SE has a duration of 12 months, starting in August. Beware that both for MSE and MSIT-SE you must complete the pre-requisite course Personal Software Process, a distance learning 4-week course before the start of the programs.

In what language should the application documents (CV, statement of purpose, recommendation letters) be written?
All documents must be presented in English. It is a joint-degree, so the members of the evaluation committees belong to both the CMU and the UC.

What will be the classes’ schedule? How many days per week?
The programs are intensive Masters degrees to be taken in full dedication (100%), as it happens in the US.

What is GRE and where do we take it?
The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is the standard US test for post-graduate studies. It is used in most countries, including Portugal. There are several types of GRE. The only compulsory test for this degree is the general examination, which allows assessing general knowledge in Mathematics, reasoning and verbal interpretation. There are also specific tests, like the Computer Science one, not mandatory for the MSE. You may find additional information at (including examples of examinations). In Portugal the GRE Computer-Based test can only be taken at Universidade Lusofona de Humanidades e Tecnologias in Lisbon. You can take the paper-based test in our Department, in Coimbra. Please check for registration and test dates.

After the application deadline, when will we know the results?
Admissions results are usually out around one month after the application deadline.

I have been working in the field of software development for many years. I have no academic references now. Is it possible to present only industrial references?
Certainly; applicants with a vast experience in the industry field who have no contact with the academic world for a long time may send only the industrial recommendation letters.

Can I send the documents by email or post mail?
No, that is not possible. Applications are online.



“This program is focused on processes to improve software
phases. It also teaches us to think critically on how we are working and to justify our decisions.”



Ana Rita Rodrigues

2007-2008 MSE student